Sunday, August 16, 2015

Intern Profile

First solo backpacking overnight in
Crater Lake National Park
My work experiences have been varied but centered around the intention to broaden my understanding and technical skills needed in the forestry field.  I will be completing two degrees in Forest Engineering and International Studies in June 2016 from Oregon State University.

For the Summer of 2015, I am an intern with the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project (AFR) in Southwestern Oregon.  It is a very unique experience because I am working with four partners throughout the summer on various aspects of the management that goes into working with a collaborative team.  The team includes the US Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, Lomakatsi (NGO), and the City of Ashland. 

I split my time between the partners.  It is a combination of fieldwork, technical writing, and public or private meetings. The opportunity to work with the AFR partners broadens my understanding of active forest management interconnected with community participation.  The urban intersection with the forest and the community’s stake in the management process is unique and critical for success.  Work in this setting requires a high level of communication with multiple people. With minimal oversight to deciding my daily activities and no one direct responsibility maintaining reachable goals and clear intentions is key.  

Working in the woods
Previous work experience with Western Forest Products (WFP) in British Columbia gave me insight in the private industry managing on public lands.  It was much more traditional West Coast management with minimal complexities compared to my work at AFR.  The experience with WFP was focused more towards operations and harvesting feasibility.  It was applied engineering while I worked with professionals.  AFR is  applied silviculture and the integration of the social complexities within the management plans on federal lands.  Both of these experiences are valuable to continuing my understanding of how forest management is applied differently.

Professionally I aim to work towards managerial positions by that landscape, people, or resources.  I appreciate a position that gives me the hole picture.  I am more likely to seek positions in the private forest industry but I am open to any possibility.  I want responsibility and respect for what I know and can learn.  I am interested in working abroad for a few years in the forestry sector.  Eventually I will pursue an MBA or some way to further my education and qualifications. Personally I want the flexibility to travel and live in different places for the next ten years.  

I'm not sure where my skills can be most useful and enhanced but I have the passion for the applied science, engineering, and social needs surrounding natural resource management. 

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