Monday, January 25, 2016

Intro to the Vida Chilena

Alas, my current international and forestry experience brings me to South America and the beautiful country of Chile.  For three months I will be working or a 'practica' with Forestal Mininco, a component of the parent company CMPC.

My journey took over 30 hours to reach Los Angeles, Chile from Portland, Oregon. Two planes, three stops, two bus rides, and a car ride at both ends I made it to my new home.

I'd have to say the combination of the time difference and instant season change is quite shocking to the system.  The time difference is 5 hours different from Pacific Coast Time zone. And we are in summer in the southern hemisphere!

Los Angeles, Chile
Population: approximately 200,000, with enough grocery stores to find gluten free bread and decent coffee.
The town is about 7 hours in bus south of Santiago. Los Angeles is on the edge of being considered Southern Chile in the Bio Bio Valley. It is surrounded by a fertile valley of mostly wheat and grain crops. Pine and eucalyptus plantations are not found very far out of town.  It is a busy industrial town with the typical components: main plaza, movie theater, many taxis, buses, a few churches, and a busy market place.

My gracious host is Teresa. I am renting the room her daughters used to share. Teresa works for the city and is an artesian, mostly of wool products. There are two other young women renting rooms.

Buenas Vistas
Los Saltso de Lajas

Pollo con papas fritas. Chicken and fries

Horse and carriage tour around country property

Cascada, Waterfall not seen by the public

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